Embark on an adventure with your animal companions and build a thriving community in a procedurally generated wasteland world in Runai, the pixel-style sandbox game.


Build Your Village

Build your own village and recruit cute animal villagers to create a thriving community in the wasteland. Keep your villagers happy and satisfied by meeting their needs and watch them work hard for you in return.

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Explore the Wasteland

Explore the ruins with your animal companions and collect resources and rare equipment and furniture to help with village building.

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Boss Battles

Fight powerful mutant bosses with your hard-earned companions and collect special loot that's crucial for advancing the game.

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Upgrade Your Village

Upgrade your village to expand the adventure area, recruit special companions, and unlock new buildings through research.
The possibilities are endless in Runai!

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Explore a Rich World

Explore a procedually generated world, featuring 8 different natural biomes, mutated areas affected by pollution, and ruins of towns. Visit different faction bases to trade, and find the lairs of bosses to defeat them.

Meet Animal Companions

Encounter a variety of animal companions on your journey, and recruit them to your village. They possess different abilities, some skilled in combat while others in handicraft or cooking, allowing you to utilize their talents or train them in new skills.

About Me


Sammy Hsu

I'm the indie game developer behind Runai! Originally from Taiwan, I have a deep love for all things gaming, both on screen and on the table. At present, I'm fully committed to working on the development of Runai full-time, striving to bring my vision for the game to life.